Here’s Mikhail Prokhorov bouncing a tennis ball on a board while dribbling a basketball, and other weird things

We told you Prokhorov might be up to something at Duke. Turns out it’s some kind of conditioning seminar.

The man has talent:

A video posted by @rodboo on

The above Instagram video was posted by Newsday’s Rod Boone, who’s attending Nets training camp. The one below, by Tim Bontemps of the New York Post, shows Prokhorov balancing his feet on a basketball in push-up position and dribbling.

This is an example of what Mikhail Prokhorov is doing right now at Nets practice:

A video posted by Tim Bontemps (@timbontemps) on

Prokhorov then ditched three basketballs and balanced a stick on one while doing a pushup:

Prokhorov doing push-ups on a basketball with a stick

A video posted by Tim Bontemps (@timbontemps) on

Courtesy of Boone, here’s Mikhail Prokhorov sitting on a basketball and dribbling with both hands:

This guy is out of control today.

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And then dribbling against a wall:

Basketballs on a wall:

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According to the team, Prokhorov was performing a seminar showing his skills in “Tescao,” a Tibetan martial art.

Prokhorov already has a reputation as one of the league’s quirky owners. You never quite know what’s coming next. You just know you (probably) can’t do it.