Henry Sims signs second ten-day contract with Nets


The Brooklyn Nets have re-signed backup center Henry Sims to a second ten-day contract, the team announced Sunday morning. Sims was originally signed on March 17th and this contract will keep him with the Nets through April 6th.

Sims played 53 minutes over four games in his first ten days with the team, averaging 4.8 points and 3.5 rebounds per game. The Nets are his fourth NBA team since going undrafted in 2012.

Nets head coach Tony Brown praised Sims’s poise and basketball IQ following his first game with the Nets. “I think there’s a certain seriousness to him when he’s out there on the floor. I think it’s more poise than anything. He seems to have a good understanding of how to play the pro game.”

Sims’s contract expires April 6th. If the Nets want to retain Sims beyond that, they’ll technically have to sign him for the rest of the season, but there are only eight days left in the season following that date. A plausible scenario would be that they sign him for the rest of the year and then offer him a non-guaranteed deal for next season, as they did with Earl Clark last year.

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