Hello Paycheck: How Much Will A Brooklyn Nets Game Cost You?

Barclays Center
Barclays Center
How much will getting your family in here cost? (AP)

So you want to go to a Brooklyn Nets game. Maybe take the family. How much should you budget? Well, probably a lot. But at least you’re not going to a New York Knicks game. Not only will I thank you, so will your wallet.

Website Nerdwallet compiled a list of game-day prices for all 30 teams, including the median cost of a resale ticket price, and the average cost of a beer, soda, parking, and total family cost.

Sure enough, the new-look, highly expensive Brooklyn Nets rank near the top in all areas, with a median resale ticket price of $127 per ticket (7th-highest), a 16-oz beer for $7.75 (7th-highest), 16-oz soda for $4.00 (tied for 12th-highest), $5.75 hot dog (tied for 4th-highest), parking for $17 (10th-highest), all adding up to an average total cost for a family of four of $571.50, nearly $130 more than the league average.

Of course, that’s just the average price. A game against the Knicks or Heat will probably run you well more than that, while a late-season matchup against the Sacramento Kings will probably save you a few dollars.

Expensive? Definitely. But all things considered, that’s not too bad. The Nets are the most affordable team to watch in the country’s two largest markets (New York and Los Angeles). If you take the train to the game, as the Nets have begged their fans to do since they moved to Brooklyn, that’s a few dollars cheaper.

To compare, the Manhattan-based New York Knicks have an average total family cost of an astronomical $878.20 per game, by far the most expensive team to watch in the league at nearly double the league average.

But $5.75 for a hot dog is still ridiculous. Eat beforehand at one of these ten spots.

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