Heat On The Grades: Looking At Your Results


Time to look at how you graded the players in last night’s Heat-Nets corker:

A few thoughts:

  • I’m as glad that you guys ranked Jerry Stackhouse as the best player of the night as I am upset that a -15 plus-minus is probably the beginning of a freefall back down to earth in that category. Stack shot 0-4 from beyond the arc last night, but that also means he shot 5-7 inside it. He hit three turnaround fadeaways, an easy jumper after a pump fake got him an ocean of space, and an almost-dunk on Joel Anthony and-one that made me go just a little nuts.

  • Odd that Andray Blatche was the best starter last night. I don’t mean your grading was odd, I mean that he probably deserved it. You could argue that his great offensive night came from multiple feeds from Deron Williams for easy baskets near the rim — and you’d be right — but he was the one that put the ball in the basket. Nets centers didn’t do that last season.

  • This one’s for my old New Jersey Nets fans: if Stephen Graham played the game Joe Johnson did last night, you wouldn’t have given him a C.