Heat 95, Nets 83: Scorched (GAME GRADES)


Final: 11/17/2014

L 83 95

There were glimpses, moments where you thought the Nets might actually claw their way back into this one. A nice pass by Jarrett Jack, or some good ball movement by the team, and you thought, hey, maybe tonight would be the night, that they’d run their flex offense for 48 minutes, pepper the ball around to get open shots.

But instead, the Nets wasted another opportunity against another undermanned team to win another game, dropping their fourth in a row and their first at home in the streak. For every moment Bojan Bogdanovic cut into the lane for an easy layup, there was another where the Nets looked lifeless, unwilling or unable to close out a game once again.

Lionel Hollins has a lot of work to do.

Brook Lopez


A step backward after a nice game Saturday night.

Weird first quarter for Lopez: when matched up against Shawne Williams, a matchup you’d expect him to dominate, Lopez bricked two shots, then turned into oddly distributive Lopez, throwing one bad pass out of bounds before picking up two quick assists.

Foul trouble rendered him a non-factor for the first three quarters, and he only played uneventful seconds in the fourth.