Hardwood Paroxysm’s Polite Request

I don’t usually talk about non-Nets stuff here, but this is about NBA-team blogs, so it is sorta related.  The great (and I seriously mean GREAT!) NBA blog Hardwood Paroxysm just put up a request to team blogs.  I am going to repost a quick blurb, but you seriously need to check it out:

Immediately preface with “I’m not saying we lost because of the officiating.’ Proceed to blame the officiating almost entirely with the loss. Specifically point out how frustrating it is that your team GOT HIT and FELL DOWN and yet there was no call. Mention how you accept it’s a physical game, then proceed to rail against any facet of physical play by the other team. Conversely, be sure to mention how the refs should let your team be more physical on defense. Blame the NBA’s conspiracy for certain teams to concede.

In my recaps I try to stay true to what HP (Can I call you HP?) mentions, but I know I have blamed the refs for some losses in the past (or at least part of losses, everyone who watches the Nets can agree that most of the losses are their own faults), and I am going to work on improving on this so I can bring the Nets fans who read this blog a better quality blog.  I just wanted to post this and pass it along to the readers because I think this is a message that needs to get out.