Goodnight, Brooklyn: Bulls 99, Nets 93 (Final Game Grades of 2012-13)


Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Came out strong, including a perfect 50-foot bounce pass with spin to Gerald Wallace for a fast-break dunk that set Barclays ablaze early. Continued attacking throughout the game and hit some truly phenomenal shots in the paint. This loss is not on Deron Williams.


Picked a hell of a time for his worst game of the season. Looked more Stephen Graham than six-time All-Star. Threw passes out of bounds, His first shot hit the top of the backboard, and came out without making a dent in the first half. Airballed a three with three minutes left, missed another one that could’ve cut the lead to two with 38 seconds left… This is not the type of game Brooklyn expected in a Game 7 when trading for Joe Johnson.

The Nets lost a Game 7 by six points when Joe Johnson shot 2-14 from the field. That’s gonna sting all summer.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Arguably his best game against Chicago in a series full of good games from Gerald Wallace. Started off attacking Marco Belinelli in the post, then hit three huge threes in the third-quarter comeback. Almost looked more like Joe Johnson than anything else. Attacked the baseline with reckless abandon, creating points for himself and open looks for others. This loss was not on Gerald Wallace.

Kris Humphries POWER FORWARD

The Nets let Humphries loose in the fourth quarter and it didn’t go well.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Had a fine game. Just fine. Just peachy. Got some good rebounds and a couple of big dunks inside. What he did not have For as good as Lopez has played this series, and as solid as his numbers were, there were too many moments when Joakim Noah ripped a ball out from between them for a rebound, or scored in the paint around Lopez’s hands. Lopez played well, and he had a phenomenal first series ever. But Joakim Noah outplayed not just him, but all of Brooklyn tonight.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

P.J. Carlesimo went with him for Reggie Evans with about four minutes left in the first quarter and the Nets down 4, and after missing his first jumper, got loose under the basket behind Joakim Noah and put down a dunk, then hit an and-one out of the post.

Struggled as the game progressed, particularly on defense.


Oh, Reggie. On his first offensive touch, tried to dribble in the paint and lost the ball. Did get his requisite rebounds and was a big part of the third-quarter push but he needs to know that went Lopez helps on a penetrating guard that he has to box out Joakim Noah. In the end, that made an enormous difference.

Jerry Stackhouse SHOOTING GUARD

Goodbye, sweet prince.