The Glue Guys: Season Review, Offseason Preview


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In the moment, those two playoff wins were great. The home crowd was into it, we actually saw some signs of life from Deron Williams, Bojan Bogdanovic stepped up and hit several big shots, and overall as a team the Nets were a frisky first-round out against the top seed in the East.

But that’s over. Taking the long view, the Nets season was generally a disappointment, no amount of semi-fun playoff moments can change that. So we at The Glue Guys take this time to look ahead at some of the big off-season questions.

Send us your comments and questions to [email protected]. Our next episode coming up with be a listener-appreciation pod. We will run through some of your questions and give away a couple of prizes (this is actually one of them, can’t believe this is an item to buy).

9:00 Will Brook Lopez return and with what type of contract
15:30 Thad Young’s future with the Nets
21:30 Should the Nets cut Deron Williams and stretch out his salary
35:00 Will Billy King’s contract be extended and whether it should be
55:45 Highlights and Lowlights from the 2014-2015 season