The Glue Guys Podcast: The Nets Won A Game!


All it takes is one win. Just one win and that tiny, virus-like feeling of hope starts creeping back in. Its not time to crush that feeling of hope just yet, we will give it another 4 game losing streak before we get there. We are here to celebrate the victories and learn from the losses (and what did we learn? Darius Morris probably shouldn’t play more than 54 seconds in a game). So lets kick back and enjoy the spoils of a really entertaining win against a top-tier team.

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Start: Revel in the epic 102-100 win over the Clippers.
14:55 If the Nets are ‘turning the corner’ — and what’s on the other side of that corner.
27:18 News around the League: Nets Trade Rumor Roundup, Blatche Back to Brooklyn?, and Splicing Together NBA DNA.
49:40 Killer Komparisons: NBA Best Friends Podcast Ideas.