The Glue Guys Podcast: The Nets Awaken



Big Week for your Brooklyn Nets. After wandering listlessly through the schedule, struggling to score while not playing with any sense of flow or energy, the Nets bounce back with two big wins. First against the rival Knicks on their home floor. Then against the defending champions Spurs. Sure, the Spurs are without Splitter, Mills and Tony Parker didn’t return to the game after being pulled early in the 3rd quarter. That was a legit win, the best of the year, and the way the team played was what Coach Lionel Hollins has been trying to push them towards. Are these two games a harbinger or a ruse? We discuss on the Glue Guys podcast.

Open: TGG takes a look back at the Spurs Game
15:20 Should Mirza start over KG
29:45 Nets continue to hold the upper hand over the Knicks
40:00 In News of the Week: NBA Realignment, Hornets Hurting, Sixers Win, NBA All-Star Jerseys, and Vince Tears Up in Toronto.

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