The Glue Guys Podcast, Episode 5: How Do You Talk To James Dolan?



The Glue Guys are back! Elliot, Mike, and Brian go around the horn to talk the last week of Nets basketball, including the past week of Nets basketball, Shaun Livingston, Mason Plumlee, news around the league, and more.

BONUS: Elliot, citing a reliable source, tells us an insane thing about working under Knicks owner James Dolan. Listen close.

Start-10:00: Talking the past week of Nets basketball, including a rundown of all three wins and Mason Plumlee’s emergence. Does Plumlee make Brook Lopez (more) expendable?
10:00-27:45: More Nets talk: has Shaun Livingston been too good? What’s up with Andrei Kirilenko? Plus an important discussion about how to make salads.
27:45-38:00: Around the league: Phil Jackson’s first week with the Knicks, Sleeping on the Spurs, and LeBron’s Soda.
38:00-End: Killer Komparisons. The word “Nation” is boring. What would you name team fanbases?