The Glue Guys Podcast, Episode 4: Playoff Positioning



The Glue Guys are back! Elliot, Brian, and Mike go around the horn to talk the latest ups and downs, from a huge win over the Miami Heat to a crushing loss against the Washington Wizards. The trio discuss playoff seeding, news around the NBA, and more.

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Follow along:
Start-9:00 — “Shaun Livingston slammed the ball” — Talking Nets-Heat and Nets-Wizards.
9:00-12:45 — Raptors? Bulls? Wizards? Who should the Nets face in the playoffs?
12:45-20:00 — How hard is Brooklyn’s schedule from here on out? Could the Knicks make the playoffs?
20:00-48:00 — News around the League: If you were a potential coach, would you want to coach under a Phil Jackson team? Are there dark-horse Eastern Conference contenders? That, Steve Nash, sleeved jerseys, and more.
48:00-End — KILLER KOMPARISONS: Inspired by the Meditation Room in Barclays Center, rooms in arenas.