The Glue Guys Podcast: “I Believe That We Will Win!”



The Glue Guys are back once again! Mike and Brian podcast back-and-forth on the last two games in Nets-Heat, and discuss the ridiculousness around the league.

Start — Outlook on Game 5 against the Heat
9:45 — How the Nets have (or have not) defended LeBron James
14:00 — Iso-Joe? The Nets final offensive possessions in Game 4.
19:50 — A psychological analysis of Deron Williams’s free throw shooting routine, and what to expect from him going forward.
39:00 — ‘I Believe That We Will Win’ — Thoughts?
43:30 — News around the League: Sterling’s Interview, Stan Van Gundy to Detroit, Kerr-Pool, and Cavs Fire Brown
54:45-End New Fun Game! Mike says the title of new TV shows and Brian has to guess what they are about.