The Glue Guys: Kidd Leaves for Milwaukee



The Glue Guys, Brian and Mike, are joined by The Brooklyn Game’s Managing Editor Devin Kharpertian to talk about how we got to the point where Kidd is traded to Milwaukee, who is the next Nets coach, how does Kidd leaving impact the team’s free agents, and where the Nets stand in the grand scheme of the league.

Start-13:40: How did we get here and how do we feel about it?
13:41-24:30: Which side comes out the worst in all this: Kidd, the Bucks, or the Nets?
24:31-32:15: Kidd leaves, are Pierce and Livingston following him out the door? We discuss.
32:16-47:45: Who is going to be the next Nets coach and who should the next coach be. Also which potential candidate scares you the most.
47:46-Till the End: We take your twitter questions!