GIF: LeBron James is none too happy with the no-call on Mason Plumlee’s block

LeBron Reaction

Brooklyn Nets center Mason Plumlee blocked LeBron James at the rim Tuesday night in the final seconds, preserving an 88-87 Nets victory and ensuring the Nets would sweep the season series over Miami. But LeBron James lingered in the tunnel after the game to see a replay of the block, and once he saw the connection between his hand and Plumlee’s, he was none too happy:

LeBron Reaction

That’s not a happy man.

One more thing to keep in mind: LeBron James, who was actually in the play, waited until seeing a replay, a replay that showed Plumlee touching the ball first, before having this strong reaction to the foul call. He’s emotional and upset about that one, which is totally understood. But that’s not a call any referee’s going to make at that time, no matter who you are.

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