GIF: What did Deron Williams’s ankles do to deserve this?


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There aren’t many longer-running injury stories in the NBA than Deron Williams’s ankles, who has dealt with sprains and strains and cortisone treatments and platelet-rich plasma therapies since joining the Nets in 2011. I’ve lost count of how many times Williams hit the ground in a game after turning one of his balky ankles.

Against the Toronto Raptors in Game 5 of their opening-round Eastern Conference playoff series, it didn’t even take a full minute before Williams was on the floor in pain, and once again, it was one of those snakebitten injuries: it looked like Kyle Lowry crossed him up in full speed, but Williams actually stepped on teammate Joe Johnson’s foot while sliding back on defense. But it happened just 54 seconds into the game:

Deron Lowry

Williams doesn’t have strong ankles. But it seems like he’s landed on other guys’ feet an uncharacteristic amount this season. That’s how he hurt the ankles back in November. Can’t he just go a minute without turning them? Just one measly minute?

Williams didn’t come out of the game and hit his first field goal minutes later. So he appears okay, for now.