Get A Free Copy Of The Book Stumbling On Wins

One of the cool things about running a blog is that you occasionally get the pleasure of having advanced copies of books sent to you to check out.  In this case, the book is Stumbling on Wins, the new book by Dave Berri and Martin Schmidt, authors of a book I reference a lot on this site: The Wages of Wins.  So why am I telling you about this?  Well, in addition to the copy that was sent to me, there were a couple copies to give away.  So what better way to give these a copy away than to have a contest where you need to answer some stat related questions?

Here are the rules.  I am going to ask 4 questions, and you can submit the answers in the comments (make sure you are using your correct e-mail address, because this is how I will be getting in contact with the winners).  When you submit your answers you automatically get one entry, and for every question you get right, you get an additional entry.

So let’s say you get 3 questions right.  You will have 4 entries in the drawing (the most you can get is 6).  I will accept entries until 9:00 AM (48 hours) Wednesday morning, and will announce the winners around 10.  Hopefully, if everything works out I will get the books out to the winners that day.  Questions after the jump:

Question 1:

Who lead the league in Wins Produced Above Average during the 2008-2009 Season?

  • A.  LeBron James
  • B.  Rajon Rondo
  • C.  Kobe Bryant
  • D.  Chris Paul

Question 2:

True or False.  Andris Biedrins was one of the top 20 players in terms of Wins Produced Above Average.

  • True
  • False

Question 3:

Which of the following is not a factor when determining Wins Scored?

  • A.  Points
  • B.  Steals
  • C.  Free Throws Made
  • D.  Turnovers

Question 4:

Which position lead the league in Average Wins Produced Per 48 Minutes from the 77-78 season to the 07-08 season?

  • A.  PG
  • B.  SG
  • C.  SF
  • D.  PF
  • E.  C

Good luck guys, the answers and the winners will be posted in 48 hours.  Also, if you don’t win here, don’t fret.  Over at Berri’s personal blog (The Wages of Wins Journal), Berri posted a list of websites running contests this week.  He is also running a contest where you can win an autographed copy of the book.

If you are unlucky enough to win any of these contests, FT Press (who published the book) would also like to let you know that people who do not win these contests can still get a reward.  When you purchase Stumbling on Wins from 4/12 – 4/18, you’re entitled to access to a free bonus article – more than 2,000 words in length — on the NBA Draft.  Simply forward a copy of your dated receipt to [email protected].  A PDF version of the article will be forwarded to your inbox.  You can purchase the book at, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and FT PRess.

Good luck again!