Gerald Wallace calls last night’s loss “typical Nets basketball”

Gerald Wallace, LeBron James

Gerald Wallace, LeBron JamesAngry after the third consecutive double-digit loss to the Miami Heat this season, Brooklyn Nets forward Gerald Wallace sounded off about his team’s lack of cohesiveness against the best team in the NBA, calling it “typical” and an ass-kicking.

“It’s typical Nets basketball,” Wallace said after the game. “We don’t play together, turnovers and we don’t execute offensively and defensively.”

The Nets have yet to lose to a team under .500 this season, but have a sub-.500 record against winning teams and have lost their three games to Miami by an average of 21 points.

“We didn’t actually lose in those games,” Wallace continued, “we got our asses kicked in all three games. They dominated us. Any sport you measure yourself against the champions and it’s been embarrassing all three times.”

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