Game 9 Scouting Report

Game 9 @ Orlando (6-3)

Projected Starting Lineup

1. Jameer Nelson | 6’0″ | 183 lbs | 29.1 MPG | 13.9 PPG | 5.8 APG | 44.8% FG | 44.8% 3 | 85.7 FT

With Jameer Nelson getting hurt right before the all-star break, everyone seems to forget about him.  Not the best shooter, but he is a terrific point guard.  Great at getting the ball in shooter’s hands and setting them up.  Great running the pick and roll.  The Nets must crowd him and not let him see the court.  Usually you wouldn’t crowd a poor shooting PG, but he isn’t the quickest guy either, so he won’t blow by you (hopefully.  I am looking at you Devin!)

2.  Vince Carter | 6’6″ | 198 lbs. | 26.4 MPG | 18 PPG | 2.2 APG | 44% FG | 40.6% 3 | 84.6% FT

This guy looks familiar huh?  When he gets it going, he is one of the toughest guys to defend in the league.  Loves the pull up jumper, and will take it more often that driving.   Another guy you need to crowd and force to drive, because he is less comfortable doing that.  Must attack him offensively also.  Force him to play D, tire him out, and hopefully his shots will fall short.  Was on his way to a very big day in NJ, but got hurt, expect him to finish what he started this time around.

3.  Matt Barnes | 6’7″ | 226 lbs. | 30.2 MPG | 9.7 PPG | 6.4 RPG | 39.2% FG | 20 % 3 | 78.3% FT

Aggressive guy who can play defense with the best of them.  Little surprised by his lack of minutes in game one.  He can hit the three too.

4.  Brandon Bass | 6’8″ | 250 lbs. | 23.6 MPG | 9.8 PPG | 3.2 RPG | 53.9% FG | 0% 3 | 85.7% FT

Physical banger inside.  High-motor guy who despite being a little undersized can attack the glass.  Great offensively in the post, and will outwork you there.  Doesn’t really fit in with Orlando’s shooting style, which is why he is better off the bench.  Starting because of the injury to Ryan Anderson.

5.  Dwight Howard | 6’11” | 265 lbs. | 31.2 MPG | 18.4 PPG | 10.6 RPG | 64.7% FG | 0% 3 | 62.9% FT

Dwight Howard is on his way to being the most dominant big man in the NBA.  Doesn’t have a polished post game, but that doesn’t matter, he can out muscle and out-athletic just about any big man in the league.  On the defensive end, he has great help instincts and can block a lot of shots.  Poor free-throw shooter, foul him instead of allowing an easy dunk.  


G.  J.J. Redick | 6’4″ | 190 lbs. | 30.8 MPG | 12.3 PPG | 2.7 APG | 41.5% FG | 41.9% 3 | 89.3% FT

Knock down shooter.  Can’t leave him open, like Ryan Anderson, you need to close out hard on him and make him dribble.  He had a couple starts when Vince Carter was hurt and played pretty well in those starts, that could be enough to boost his confidence and turn him into a knock-down shot maker like he was at Duke.

G/F.  Mickael Pietrus | 6’6″ | 198 lbs. | 29 MPG | 8.6 PPG | 2.9 RPG | 35.1% FG | 36% 3 | 61% FT

Team’s 6th man last year, now starting.  Not a knockdown three point shooter, but he can hit the wide open ones, so you need to close out on him. Will attack the basket more than he shoots, so be careful when closing out.  His best attribute is on the defensive end though.  He is a great on the ball defender and can force anyone he plays against into a bad shot.

C.  Marcin Gortat | 19.8 MPG | 4.9 PPG | 5 RPG | 45.2% FG | o% 3 | 66.7% FT

Dwight Howard’s main backup.  A solid player who can start for a number of teams, but he is backing up Dwight.  He is a guy who can log serviceable minutes backing up Dwight.

G.  Jason Williams | 6’1″ | 180 lbs. | 18.9 MPG | 5.2 PPG | 4.3 APG | 49% FG | 36.4% 3 | 77.8% FT

Experienced backup point who can do just about everything out there.  He can get in the lane and create for others and he can knock down the three.  Age has slowed him down a bit, and you need to attack him when he is on the defensive end.  Force the coaching staff to take him out because of his lack of offense.  Had 8 assists against the Nets last game.

F/C.  Anthony Johnson | 6’3″ | 195 lbs. | 6.3 MPG | 1 PPG | 1 APG | 50% FG | 0% 3 | 100% FT

Journeyman backup point.  With Jayson Williams now in Orlando, he won’t be getting too many minutes.

F.  Ryan Anderson | 6’10” | 240 lbs. | 24.8 MPG | 15 PPG | 5 RPG | 46.4% FG | 43.6% 3 | 75% FT

Out for tonight’s game.

F.  Rashard Lewis | 6’10” | 230 lbs. | No Regular Season Stats

Serving the ninth game of his 10 game suspension.

C.  Adonal Foyle | 6’10” | 270 lbs. | No Regular Season Stats

Out.  Injured.

Offensive Tendencies:

This team loves shooting the 3 ball and they make a ton too, last game they shot 29 of them, hitting on more than 50%.  Don’t be surprised if this team takes a three on a 3 on 1 fast break.  If an open three isn’t there, the second option is getting the ball down low to Dwight Howard.  The ball usually gets to him on the low post, and if no double comes, he makes his move to the basket.  If the double comes, he is unselfish enough to kick it out and they are one of the best at moving the ball around to get the open three.  

Defensive Tendencies:

With shot-eraser Dwight Howard playing behind them, the other Magic players love playing up on the basketball.  They go for steals in the passing lane and try to take the ball from the ballhandler.  They like to funnel guys attacking the basketball to Dwight and let him block the shot.

Keys To Victory:

Getting Dwight Howard in foul trouble.  If he is off the court, it is one less thing to be worried about stopping.  Also, close out on the three point shooters.  This is a great 3 point shooting team, and if they are open, they will make them.  We need to secure the rebounds too, 3 point shots are tough to read off the rim, and if we don’t box-out we will give the Magic numerous three-point shots, and that isn’t something we want.