Game 82 Recap: Knicks 102 – Nets 73

So yeah, we got blown out huh?  Not too happy about this, but what do you expect when Devin Harris and Vince Carter sit out.  That is a smart move though, no point in risking injury.  It’s just…we lost to the FRICKING KNICKS.  I hate the Knicks.

  • CDR Baby!  He racked up 44 minutes and he put up 18 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 steals.  He really has shown me something these final games.  He is playing hard and playing well.  I can see him being a key player off the bench next year.  This was the only good from the game
  • 17 Turnovers is way too much for the Nets.  Especially when you are playing the Knicks, a team not really known for their defense.
  • With his play to close out the year, Yi pretty much guaranteed no playing time next year if Lawrence Frank returns (which is doubtful in my opinion).  He played 16 minutes, went 1-6 with only 2 points.
  • The Nets only had 2 players score in double figures against the Knicks.
  • Besides CDR and Ryan Anderson (who put up a double-double 13 points and 11 rebounds) nobody played well, it was just a lackluster performance.