Game 81 Preview Vs. Charlotte Bobcats

While most teams are resting starters as the playoffs quickly approach, you won’t be seeing that tonight from Coach Larry Brown.  Using my memory (which has been known to fail me), I don’t really remember coach Brown sitting his starters down the stretch, and I don’t expect that now.  This means the Nets are going to be involved in a battle for their final game in the Meadowlands.

While the Nets don’t really have anything to play for, the Bobcats are fighting for playoff position, and for pride.  The Nets have beat this Bobcats team twice already, and I can guarantee you they don’t want it to happen a third time.  The Nets have beaten some  solid teams, but the Bobcats are the best team they have beaten all year, and with them coming off of some rest, I see them pushing the Bobcats to the limit…onto the lineups…

Devin Harris vs. Raymond Felton

Advantage:  Devin Harris

Courtney Lee vs. Stephon Jackson

Advantage:  Stephon Jackson

Terrence Williams vs. Gerald Wallace

Advantage:  Gerald Wallace

Yi vs. Boris Diaw

Advantage:  Boris Diaw

Brook Lopez vs. Theo Ratliff

Advantage:  Brook Lopez