Game 80 Preview Vs. Indiana Pacers

Well, the Nets really took it to a team that needed a win last night, proving me wrong on my prediction for the final 4 games.  Let’s see if they can do it again as they take on the Pacers.  Both the Nets and the Pacers played a game last night, but the Nets were involved in a 2OT game with the starters (and T-Will) playing loads of minutes (they all logged 40+ last night).  With the Pacers playing well and with the Nets’ fatigued this could get ugly as Kiki and the Nets might have to rely on their bench to take this one.  The Nets’ bench can’t really do that.  Onto the lineups…

Devin Harris vs. Earl Watson

Advantage:  Devin Harris

Courtney Lee vs. Brandon Rush

Advantage:  Courtney Lee

Jarvis Hayes vs. Danny Granger

Advantage:  Danny Granger

Yi vs. Troy Murphy

Advantage:  Troy Murphy

Brook Lopez vs. Roy Hibbert

Advantage:  Push