Game 77 Preview Vs. Washington Wizards

Game 77 Preview Vs. Washington Wizards

First off, Happy Easter everyone!  Today’s game isn’t going to be televised, which sucks, but it also makes you realize how lucky you are as a Nets fan that we have a station dedicated to playing Nets games.  There are teams (good ones), who have a large chunk of go untelevised.

Anyway, onto the preview.  Coming off their best performance of the year, the Nets now have another winnable game against the Washington Wizards.  The Wizards have been struggling as of late (they just snapped a 16 game losing streak), and they might have provided the Nets with some poster-board material:

The above video is from the great Washington Wizards blog (and TrueHoop Network member) TruthAboutIt, and in it, Nick Young says “We ain’t trying to be like a New Jersey Net” (right around the 30 second mark).  The Wizards have eked out a few wins against the Nets, but with the Nets playing some of their best basketball (and the Wizards playing some of their worst), I think the Nets can come away with this one.  Onto the lineups…

Devin Harris vs. Shaun Livingston

Advantage:  Devin Harris

Courtney Lee vs. Nick Young

Advantage:  Courtney Lee

Jarvis Hayes vs. Mike Miller

Advantage:  Mike Miller

Yi vs. Andray Blatche

Advantage:  Andray Blatche

Brook Lopez vs. Fabricio Oberto

Advantage:  Brook Lopez