Game 71 Preview Vs. Sacramento Kings

Of the Nets remaining 12 games the Nets have 4 or 5 that seem to truly be winnable.  Here is the first one of those games.  The Kings are coming in without Tyreke Evans who is still recovering from a vicious elbow last week.  Evans is their playmaker and has been flirting with triple-doubles over the past couple games he has played in (you can see his game against the Lakers here).  Take him out of the equation and the Kings are still an ok team, but a beatable team.

The Nets looked ok their last time out, but had their third quarter blues yet again.  Kiki has returned, but he is here with a heavy heart as his mother passed away this morning.  Hopefully the Nets come out with an inspired effort against the Kings for him.  Onto the lineups…(quick yet again.  School is beating my ass right now)

Devin Harris vs. Beno Udrih

Advantage:  Devin Harris

Courtney Lee vs. Francisco Garcia

Advantage:  Courtney Lee

Trenton Hassell vs. Donte Green

Advantage:  Donte Green

Yi vs. Carl Landry

Advantage:  Carl Landry

Brook Lopez vs. Spencer Hawes

Advantage:  Brook Lopez