Game 67 Preview vs. Atlanta Hawks

The Nets have been run out of the building by the Hawks twice already, however the Hawks are going to be without Joe Johnson tonight.  Rookie guard Jeff Teague will be starting with Mike Bibby sliding to the 2-guard spot.  As for the Nets in terms of health, Devin Harris missed practice yesterday because of a sickness, but he said he was going to try to play through it.  Onto the lineups…

Devin Harris vs. Jeff Teague

With Harris being sick, expect to see a lot of Keyon Dooling and Terrence Williams playing the point.  If you had to pick a night this was going to happen though, tonight is a good one.  You have a rookie guard starting while Joe Johnson is out.

Advantage:  Devin Harris

Courtney Lee vs. Mike Bibby

I expect for Courtney to have a big game tonight.  Bibby isn’t the best defender in the world, and Lee seems to have shaken that hand injury that caused him to struggle for two games.

Advantage:  Push

Trenton Hassell vs. Marvin Williams

Marvin Williams hasn’t been playing that great, but he is going to be going up against Trenton Hassell…so yeah…he might be due for a big one tonight.

Advantage:  Marvin Williams

Josh Boone vs. Josh Smith

You saw what a guy like Luis Scola can do when Josh Boone is covering him, and no disrespect to Scola, but Josh Smith is going to create havoc.  He is more athletic than Boone, which will lead to a lot of baskets on the inside (or worst, fouls on Brook Lopez).  The only hope the Nets have against Smith is if he starts settling for outisde jumpers, but he hasn’t done it a ton this year.

Advantage:  Josh Smith

Brook Lopez vs. Al Horford

This might be the only reason to watch the game tonight.  To see these two young and talented centers go at it.  It will be interesting to see who comes out on top.

Advantage:  Push