Game 62 Preview Vs. New York Knicks

Both the Knicks and Nets are coming off of losing efforts last night. The Knicks are a much different team from the one that faced the Nets last in December (and was victim #3 for the Net at the time).  The Tracy McGrady trade gives the Knicks a new weapon on offense, in addition to a ton of cap space this summer. And we no longer have Nate Robinson around in NYC to joke around with his buddy Terrence Williams.

Devin Harris vs. Bill Walker

Walker is not an ideal point guard, but he’s been having some decent games offensively as of late, going for 21 against Cleveland and 22 against Detroit in the past week. Harris’ shooting woes continue after last night’s 7-21 against Orlando. Still, I envision Devin getting the better of Walker in this match-up.

Advantage:  Harris

Chris Douglas-Roberts vs. Tracy McGrady

McGrady is desperately trying to prove his career isn’t finished but he’s been very up and down (more down) since coming to New York. If CDR looked anything like he did the first month of the season, I’d give him the edge here, but Douglas-Roberts hasn’t done much to distinguish himself since Courtney Lee went down with an ankle injury.

Advantage:  Tracy McGrady

Trenton Hassell vs. Danilo Galinari

Hassell continues to get the nod from Kiki Vandeweghe and it’s not like Jarvis Hayes is doing anything that suggests he should be the starting SF. Terrence Williams on the other hand, has been, but I suspect Hassell will be matched-up early against the sharp shooting Galinari, who’s not necessarily the greatest shooter ever as the Knicks will have you believe, but is a nice player.

Advantage:  Danilo Galinari

Yi vs. Al Harrington

Harrington has to be licking his chops with the Nets coming to town. He’s averaging 22.7 points in his three games against the Nets and I can’t see Yi having a breakout defensive performance to stop him.

Advantage:  Al Harrington

Brook Lopez vs. David Lee

Brook has put together some solid games against the Knicks this year, but David Lee is no slouch either. I think both will probably get a double-double tonight, canceling each other out.

Advantage:  Push