Game 61 Preview Vs. Orlando Magic

Sure last game against the Cavs ended up being a 20 point loss, but I liked how the team played.  Essentially, the Nets played with the Cavs for three quarters, and you can say that the Cavs coasted, but I didn’t see it.  The Magic are a team that runs hot and cold, and if the Nets catch them on a cold shooting night, then who knows what could happen.

As for Courtney Lee, I assume that he is pushing to play against his former teammates, but I just don’t think they will let him out there.

Devin Harris vs. Jameer Nelson

Devin Harris has had some trouble with his shot the last couple of games, and I think that has to do with him settling for outside jumpers a little more.  Against Jameer Nelson, he is going against a PG who can’t match his speed.  I see him getting into the paint and having a pretty successful game if he can finish.

Advantage:  Push

Chris Douglas-Roberts vs. Vince Carter

Mark summed CDR’s performance as of late perfectly:

Chris Douglas-Roberts had a very short stretch in the third quarter where in the span of 2+ minutes, he took over the game offensively, and made three consecutive short runners in the lane – vintage CDR style. Sadly, they were the only three field goals made by Douglas-Roberts all game, missing his other 7 attempts. It’s just so frustrating because as a fan, you can see what CDR can accomplish, but you’re left wondering who that player on the court is the other 20+ minutes a game.

No matter what CDR and his supporters say, it isn’t the system.  He just doesn’t seem as aggressive as he used to be.

Advantage:  Vince Carter

Jarvis Hayes vs. Matt Barnes

I think Jarvis will be back in the starting lineup since the Nets really need an outside shooting threat to help clear things up from Brook in the center.

Advantage:  Matt Barnes

Yi vs. Rashard Lewis

Andre Blatche is like a poor man’s Rashard Lewis, and we saw what he did against Yi and the Nets.

Advantage:  Rashard Lewis

Brook Lopez vs. Dwight Howard

Because Dwight is such a good defender, Brook might get single coverage tonight.  Brook has been playing very well as of late, and hopefully that can continue.

Advantage:  Dwight Howard