Game 59 Preview Vs. Washington Wizards

The Nets are coming off their biggest win of the year and now have their first legitimate chance at a winning streak as they take on the Wizards (the Nets also have a chance to put themselves on pace to get the ever important 10th win).  The Nets have gotten their last two wins after multiple days rest, but I think this back-to-back is actually beneficial for the Nets.  Their game in Boston (and what made them successful) is fresh in their minds, and hopefully they continue to do the things that got them their win in Boston.  Onto the lineups:

Devin Harris vs. Randy Foye

Randy Foye has put together a pretty nice season this year, but he is just an average player.  Not too quick. Doesn’t have great size.  On the other hand, Devin Harris has regained his All-Star form.

Advantage:  Devin Harris

Keyon Dooling vs. Mike Miller

My guess is that unless Courtney has a remarkable recovery, he is going to be out for tomorrow.  He seemed to roll his ankle pretty bad, and he was unable to put a ton of pressure on it as he was helped off the court.  Keyon Dooling is probably going to get the start at the 2.  He brings in his shot-making ability and his good decision making.  Dooling’s threes yesterday were key in the win.

Advantage:  Push

Trenton Hassell vs. Al Thorton

Trenton Hassell gave the Nets some good minutes yesterday, but I am expecting to see CDR get a good chunk of the SF minutes tonight (If Hayes is still out).  Not only because he played very well yesterday, but because Hassell has logged a bunch of minutes, so you can expect to see fatigue setting in.

Advantage:  Push

Yi vs. Andray Blatche

You might remember Blatche as the man who went off on the Nets in their first meeting.  Eduardo Najera isn’t on the Nets anymore, so you can’t expect him to put up the same numbers, but Blatche has been playing well since the trade, so you can expect him to get some things done against Yi, who is still struggling.

Advantage:  Andray Blatche

Brook Lopez vs. JaVale McGee

Brook Lopez could be poised for a big game against the Wizards now that Brendon Haywood isn’t on the team anymore.  I think Haywood has done the best job on Brook all year, so seeing him in Dallas is pretty refreshing.  McGee is a long athletic center, but I don’t think he has the strength to match up with Brook on the inside.

Advantage:  Brook Lopez