Game 58 Preview Vs. Boston Celtics

The Celtics come into this game really struggling.  Everyone is calling them old, and without Paul Pierce they don’t really look fluid on offense.  Without Pierce, Marquis Daniels has been starting as the Celtics go small.  As for the Nets, they are coming off of a very good half of basketball against Portland and they have had 4 days off, 2 straight days without practice as well because of the snow.  The last time there was a long break in games, the Nets came out and beat Charlotte, so who knows what will happen.  Also, expect to see a lot of subs as Kiki manages minutes with a winnable game coming up tomorrow.  Onto the lineups…

Devin Harris vs. Rajon Rondo

With both of these guys at 100%, this is going to be real fun to watch.  These guys are just going to fly up and down the court back and forth.  Rondo has been playing real well as of late, but fatigue seems to be setting in with him late in games.  With Pierce out, Daniels who usually handles back up point duties is forced to start, and that means more minutes for Rondo.  You saw what happened in Cleveland, he just wore down.

Advantage:  Rajon Rondo

Courtney Lee vs.Marquis Daniels

Courtney Lee played great in the second half of the Portland game, but the biggest problem for him last year is consistency.  He has never really been able to put two or three games together, and if he can play well tonight, the Nets might have a chance.

Advantage:  Push

Jarvis Hayes vs. Ray Allen

After sitting out the last game, Hayes will be back.  Though you could see a fair amount of Trenton Hassell if Ray Allen starts to go off.  Since the trade deadline passed, that has been happening plenty.

Advantage:  Ray Allen

Yi vs. Kevin Garnett

It’s funny, when Yi came back he was playing great, but the rest of the team seemed to be struggling.  Now, for the most part the rest of the team is playing well, but Yi is struggling.  If he can hit a couple jumpers and stretch the defense, that is all we need from him at this point.

Advantage:  Kevin Garnett

Brook Lopez vs. Kendrick Perkins

This right here is going to be the match-up of the night.  Perkins is a nasty person (it seems like that at least), and his play matches that.  He is physical and tries to beat the opposing center down.  Brook has struggled with physical centers in the past, but I think the 4 days rest could help Brook.

Advantage:  Brook Lopez