Game 53 Preview Vs. Charlotte Bobcats

So now that All-Star weekend is behind us, every Nets’ fan full attention should be on whether or not the Nets can get 6 more wins to avoid the worst record ever in the history of the NBA.  Will they be able to?  I am not sure, but games like these could end up being pretty good indicator.

This isn’t the same Bobcat team that the Nets beat for their first win though.  The Bobcats have been playing incredibly well for the past couple of months.  In fact, they are currently sitting 1 game above 500.  Onto the lineups…

Devin Harris vs. Raymond Felton

The All-Star break was perfect timing for Devin Harris.  He came back from injury, played very well in 4 games, then got hurt again (the collision).  He returned for the last game before the break and played pretty well again, hopefully this can continue moving forward.

Advantage:  Push

Courtney Lee vs. Stephon Jackson

Stephon Jackson is the guy who makes this team go.  There was a noticeable difference in how the Bobcats played before he was traded and then after he was traded.  Also, if he gets going and doesn’t force shots, he could have a big game tonight.  Lee’s biggest responsibility won’t be on the offensive end tonight.  His main objective is to keep Stephon Jackson from getting hot.

Advantage:  Stephon Jackson

Jarvis Hayes vs. Gerald Wallace

Gerald Wallace is another guy who gives you trouble.  In the Nets’ win, Wallace was able to grab 20 rebounds.  That is just plain ridiculous, and a lot of it had to do with Wallace’s skill, but some of it had to do with CDR being undersized against a guy like Gerald Wallace at the 3.  Now I am not saying Hayes will be able to keep him off the glass, he just has a better chance to do so.

Advantage:  Gerald Wallace

Yi vs. Boris Diaw

Yi and Boris Diaw are the same exact player to me.  They both are soft PF guys who are used to try and stretch the floor by their respective teams.  Both aren’t really that good on the defensive end either.  The only difference is Diaw tends to be a better passer and Yi is the better shooter.  Other than that I think they are the same player.

Advantage:  Push

Brook Lopez vs. Nazr Mohammed

Nazr Mohammed could give Brook some trouble.  Nazr is the type of defender Brook struggles against.  The bigger guy that can push him out of his spot.  Hopefully this doesn’t result in him settling for outside jumpers.

Advantage:  Brook Lopez