Game 51 Preview Vs. Cleveland Cavs

So the Nets have had two days to lick their wounds, and after playing a string of very winnable games (and only getting 1), they now have to deal with the Cleveland Cavs.  Not only that, but they are dealing with a Cavalier team who have won 11 in a row.  Oh yeah, LeBron scored 47 his last time out.  Onto the lineups…

Keyon Dooling vs. Delonte West

A good number of Nets fans (myself not included) are excited to see Keyon in the lineup instead of Devin (who will probably be out due to that collision Saturday).  I really don’t understand this.  Now, we don’t have the numbers to tell us who is playing better with the starting unit (too small of a sample size), but I am thinking just the fact that Dooling is a true point guard makes it look like he is being more productive.  The defensive end might have something to do with it too, though over the past two games, Devin’s defense has been much improved.  To the point where I was working on a post talking about how Devin is finally turning to corner.  We will see what happens when he gets back.

Advantage:  Push

Courtney Lee vs. Anthony Parker

I think I said this last time the Nets played the Cavs, but I think Courtney Lee and Anthony Parker are similar type players right now.  Both are very good defenders who can knock down the open three.  Where I see Lee improving himself this year vs. last is his willingness to attack the rim.  He is very aggressive when attacking, and on nights where his shots are falling, he is very tough to defend.

Advantage:  Anthony Parker

Jarvis Hayes vs. LeBron James

LeBron James is a tough cover for everyone, especially for an older guy coming off of a badly bruised shin.  This could get bad real quick.

Advantage:  LeBron James

Kris Humphries vs. J.J. Hickson

Humphries is listed here because Yi is also questionable.  His shoulder (the one he looked like he dislocated last Tuesday) is still sore.  He tried playing through it, but the results were less than favorable.  My guess is that he sits out the next two, getting him to the All-Star break and getting him a good amount of rest.

Advantage:  Push

Brook Lopez vs. Shaq

Last time Brook went up against Shaq, he was able to use movement without the basketball to get him some looks.  Expect to see that.  Also, expect to see some more “long twos” unfortunately.  This is the type of center where Brook tends to float and settle for them, hopefully that doesn’t happen tonight.

Advantage:  Brook Lopez