Game 50 Preview Vs. Detroit Pistons

Last week’s game against the Pistons was very similar to last night’s game against Boston.  Three very good quarters and a sub-par one.  The key for tonight is staying aggressive.  For some reason, in the fourth quarter when teams make runs on them, the Nets get away from what works.  They need to attack the basket for a full 48 minutes.  If they do this, they have a very good chance to get a win.  Onto the lineups…

Devin Harris vs. Rodney Stuckey

Devin Harris had a great 47 minutes when the Nets played the Pistons earlier in the week.  Unfortunately, that last minute was pretty bad.  The Pistons don’t have anyone that can keep up with Harris’ speed, so if he stays in attack mode, he can get himself into the paint, and he can be effective.

Advantage:  Devin Harris

Courtney Lee vs. Richard Hamilton

With the new Pistons’ staff, Hamilton hasn’t been playing as well as he has in the past.  Part of it is the new offense, back in their glory years, the Pistons would just run Hamilton off all of these screens, and he would get himself open for the shot.  They just don’t do that anymore, and it makes Rip an easier cover.

Advantage:  Push

Jarvis Hayes vs. Tayshaun Prince

It’s a shame that CDR’s move didn’t happen one game later.  It would have been fun to see Tayshaun go up against Chris.  That is a whole lot of lankiness and awkward moves attacking the basket.  But that isn’t happening, and Jarvis will be going against Prince.  Now if Jarvis struggles tonight, we shouldn’t look too much into it because Prince has the length to bother Hayes’ shots.

Advantage:  Push

Yi vs. Jonas Jerebko

It is funny, I gave Yi the advantage before the last game because I didn’t really know Jonas or his game.  After watching the Pistons game, I still don’t really know his game.

Advantage:  Yi

Brook Lopez vs. Ben Wallace

Brook actually had a real solid game the last time these two teams met.  What the Nets seem to be doing now is getting him in the post and sending cutters off of him.  What the sending of cutters does, is it prevents double teams from coming.  So at best, the cutter gets and open lay-up and at worst, Brook gets to go at his defender one-on-one.  I like that the Nets are using this.

Advantage:  Brook Lopez