Game 5 Preview Vs. Denver Nuggets

Before we get started talking about the Nuggets game, I just wanted to say I re-watched the Bobcats game, then I watched the third quarter one more time.  It was really bad.  I spared you guys by not doing the video breakdown because the whole quarter was so bad, it was difficult to pick anything out.

As for tonights game, the only thing the Nets have going for them is that this isn’t in Denver.

Quick Note:  I know I said Tuesday, but I will get these rankings out before Friday’s game I promise.

Nets Starting Lineup

  1. PG – Rafer Alston
  2. SG – Courtney Lee
  3. SF – Chris Douglas-Roberts
  4. PF – Eduardo Najera
  5. C – Brook Lopez

Bobcats Starting Lineup

  1. PG –  Chauncy Billups
  2. SG – Anthony Carter
  3. SF – Carmelo Anthony
  4. PF – Kenyon Martin
  5. C – Nene

Their Mismatches

Carmelo Anthony vs. Chris Douglas-Roberts – Carmelo is a mismatch for everyone right not not name LeBron or Kobe.  He is playing out of his mind right now, and for a little perspective, his 25 points last night was his lowest output so far this year.  Yikes.  He also likes to work in the post so the fact that he has 30 pounds on CDR could pose a problem.

Chauncy Billups vs. Rafer Alston – Through all of the losing, Rafer has been playing pretty well on the offensive end.  For the most part he has controlled his “shoot first” mentality, and he is getting the ball to guys in spots to score.  The defensive end is a whole nother story however.  Billups should be able to have his was with Rafer.

Our Mismatches

Courtney Lee vs. Anthony Carter – The only reason Anthony Carter is starting is because J.R. Smith is suspended right now.  Lee looked like he had his stuff straightened out before the 3rd quarter fiasco, and maybe this string of playing against backups can get him going offensively.

Matchup Of The Night

Kenyon Martin vs. Eduardo Najera Najera started his career with the Nuggets, so maybe there is some motivation there, but after all the injuries, he can’t compare athletically with Martin anymore.  That doesn’t mean this won’t be a fun match-up to watch, especially with both of these guys’ “bulldog” attitude.  Another reason to watch, to see if Najera can play well enough to keep Bobby Simmons glued to the bench.

Keys To Victory

Get Brook Touches Deep In Post – Nene is a good center, but he is at his best defensively when he is off the ball, helping.  He isn’t the greatest post defender.  So getting Brook the ball works for two reasons.  1, Brook should be able to score on him.  2, It will keep Nene occupied and not allow him to help.

Attack Carmelo When He’s On Defense – This is the only thing I can really think of when trying to find a way to stop him.  He is in such a groove right now, nothing the Nets do defensively will stop him.  If we attack him when he’s on defense, he could pick up some fouls.  Also, making him play both sides of the ball rather than just offense will tire him out, and maybe some of his 4th quarter shots will fall short because of it.


Current Prediction Record: 1-3

This could get ugly.  Real ugly.  If Denver stays motivated through the whole game (I think they will, they did it against Indiana last night), this could be a 30/40 point win for the Nuggets.  Since we already know the Nets will lose, you want to watch for the type of fight the Nets put up.  I don’t want to see this team giving up at any point during the game.