Game 49 Preview Vs. Boston Celtics: Quick Edition

Hate to do this to you guys, but I only have enough time to quickly preview tonight’s game @ Boston.  Now on paper this looks like it could be a blowout, but I like New Jersey’s chances at keeping it close (at least).  The Celtics are starting to show their age a little bit, so if the Nets’ bench can perform well, who knows.  With that being said, this could get real messy for Nets fans…so onto the lineups:

Devin Harris vs. Rajon Rondo

Advantage:  Rajon Rondo

Courtney Lee vs. Ray Allen

Advantage:  Ray Allen

Jarvis Hayes vs. Paul Pierce

Advantage:  Paul Pierce

Yi vs. Kevin Garnett

Advantage:  Kevin Garnett

Brook Lopez vs. Kendrick Perkins

Advantage:  Push