Game 43 Preview Vs. Utah Jazz

So last night was fun huh?  Again, the Nets were able to keep the game close until the second half and in that second half, the Nets just were unable to keep up with the Warriors.  The Warriors’ are 26th in Defensive Efficiency, and they were able to hold the Nets under 80 points (yes, the benches were cleared early in the 4th, but still they should have gotten over 80).

After staying healthy and having a full squad for a little while, Devin Harris is being held out of tonight’s game.  It makes sense when you think about it, the Nets probably won’t be winning this game, and they have 3 days off after this one.  Just give Devin 4 days off and let him return on Wed. against the Clips.  Onto the lineups!

Keyon Dooling vs. Deron Williams

Don’t take last night’s game as an indicator of what Dooling can do when he gets a bulk of the minutes.  He was stuck covering Stephen Curry, a very good shooter who presents problems for everyone.  On the offensive end, he played with the second unit and couldn’t really get anything going.  As for tonight, I think Dooling actually matches up better with Deron Williams than Devin Harris does.  Just because Dooling is a good on the ball defender who can play physical.  Deron Williams likes to take it into the post against smaller guards.  He might not do it as much against Dooling as he would against Harris.  Williams is also battling a wrist injury.

Advantage:  Deron Williams

Courtney Lee vs. Ronnie Brewer

Ronnie Brewer is an athletic 2-guard who can really attack the basket.  I think Courtney will be able to contain him though.  On the offensive end, Courtney Lee showed what he can do last night.  He was really aggressive attacking the basket, but he was also knocking down shots.  When Lee is open, takes his time, and gets both feet set, he is a solid shooter.  He was able to do that last night.

Advantage:  Push

Chris Douglas-Roberts vs. Andrei Kirilenko

CDR showed some life early in the game last night, and I was very pleased.  His first couple trips down the court, he attacked the basket and was looking for his shot.  I love seeing that.  As the game started to get out of hand though, CDR started to fade.  He needs to stay aggressive and attack the whole night.  Still there is progress being made, and I like to see that.

Advantage:  Push

Yi vs. Carlos Boozer

It is going to be funny to type this sentence, but Yi is being too aggressive.  He is attacking when there isn’t anything there, and he is forcing up some bad shots.  What’s worse is that he isn’t taking advantage of the open looks he is getting.  He isn’t even looking for his shot on the outside, and that is what defenders are giving to him right now.

Advantage:  Carlos Boozer

Brook Lopez vs. Mehmet Okur

Brook Lopez has really been the only positive in the past few games and the fact that he is still able to put up 20+ is amazing at this point.  I can’t wait to see how this kid ends up developing.  As for tonight, Mehmet Okur may present some problems.  Okur loves to play on the outside and he has range from everywhere on the court.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Yi covering Okur and Lopez covering Boozer.

Advantage:  Brook Lopez