Game 40 Preview vs. LA Clippers

As the month ends, the Nets have a run of pretty winnable games.  Over the next 8 games they play the Clippers twice, the Warriors, the Wizards, the Sixers, and the Pistons.  That is 6 games the Nets have a decent shot of winning going in.  However, we have seen how the Nets play when they come in thinking they have a shot (The last Bucks game comes to mind).  The Nets need to come out and play like they did against the Hornets, they need to challenge teams early, and they need to keep the score close as the games go on.  If they keep the game close into the 4th, the Nets have a chance to come away with the win (remember the Chicago game?).  Anyway, onto the lineups!

Devin Harris vs. Baron Davis

Guys like Baron Davis are the ones who give Devin Harris trouble.  He is a big guy who knows how to use his body well.  He isn’t afraid to take a defender into the post and play with his back to the basket.  He also has the quickness to stay with Devin on the defensive end.  Though Devin Harris is coming off a very good game (22 and 9), so maybe Harris will be able to keep it going.

Advantage:  Baron Davis

Courtney Lee vs. Eric Gordon

Eric Gordon is a smallish-quick guard who is a great scorer.  He has a very quick release that prevents him from getting his shot blocked.  Courtney Lee should be able to use his size to contain him.  I also think Gordon’s size will allow for Lee to have a good game offensively.  Courtney Lee should be able to get to his spot on the court and comfortably get shots off.

Advantage:  Push

Chris Douglas-Roberts vs. Rasual Butler

CDR and Rasul Butler are similar body types but not they do not have the same playing style.  Butler is a defensive stopper who is a very effective shooter from the outside.  Chris Douglas-Roberts isn’t the best defender in the world, and he doesn’t usually settle for jumpers.  He likes to attack the dribble and draw fouls.  It is going to be fun to watch these two guys go at it.

Advantage:  Push

Yi vs. Marcus Camby

Yi vs. Camby is another interesting clash of styles.  Camby is a force on the inside, while Yi likes to float around on the outside and attack the basket.  You could be seeing a lot of jumpers from Yi today because Camby probably isn’t going to follow him on the outside unless he starts hitting some jumpers.

Advantage:  Push

Brook Lopez vs. DeAndre Jordan

Chris Kaman is questionable for today, and that is a shame, because it would have been fun to watch him and Brook Lopez go at it.  Instead Brook will probably be going up against DeAndre Jordan.  Jordan is a big kid who is pretty athletic for his size.  He is very raw though, and I think Brook Lopez should be able to take advantage on both ends.

Advantage:  Brook Lopez