Game 4 Preview Vs. Charlotte Bobcats

Looking ahead at the schedule, this could be the Nets only chance at picking up a W any time soon.  Both teams had a day off yesterday, so expect both teams to come out at full-force.  The Bobcats don’t have a lot of good shooters, but they can get into the lane, and they play pretty good defense.  If you can keep them out of the lane, they won’t score much (see their 59 point performance earlier in the year).

Quick Note:  I know I promised standing updates yesterday, but real life got in the way.  Look for them on Tuesday.

Nets Starting Lineup

  1. PG – Rafer Alston
  2. SG – Courtney Lee
  3. SF – Chris Douglas-Roberts
  4. PF – Yi Jianlian
  5. C – Brook Lopez

Bobcats Starting Lineup

  1. PG – Raymond Felton
  2. SG – Stephen Graham
  3. SF – Gerald Wallace
  4. PF – Boris Diaw
  5. C – Tyson Chandler

Their Mismatches

Gerald Wallace vs. Chris Douglas-Roberts – CDR had a very nice game last time out, but he was going up against a smaller 3.  Gerald Wallace is CDR’s height and has 20 pounds on him, so some of the drives he had against Washington might not be there against Charlotte if Wallace is covering him.  On the defensive end CDR should be fine because Wallace isn’t a big threat, I am just worried about CDR getting bullied on the offensive end.

Our Mismatches

Courtney Lee vs. Stephen Graham – If Courtney is going to get into a rhythm this is going to be the game that it happens.  He is going up against a career backup in Stephen Graham who is a serious drop-off from normal starter Raja Bell.  Courtney Lee is much quicker than Stephen and he should be able to get to the lane.  Lay-ups allow you to get in a groove, and if he starts making lay-ups he should be able to get his shot going.  It is amazing to me that he is so off.  He is making correct decisions, taking good shots, and using good form.  It is going to change soon…it has to…

Matchup Of The Night

Brook Lopez vs. Tyson Chandler – One of the best defensive centers vs. a young player with a polished post game.  This could be real fun to watch.  Brook Lopez is much stronger than Chandler so he should be able to take advantage if he can get good post position.

Keys To Victory

Get Brook Touches Deep In Post – I mentioned this in yesterday’s video breakdown, but it is worth repeated.  Brook is getting the ball/starting his moves too far away from the basket. If he can get deeper in the lane, he will be more successful.

Accumulate Fouls – The Bobcats aren’t really deep right now.  They have two guys who would play significant minutes out with injuries.  If we can get the starters (especially Tyson Chandler) in foul trouble and get the back-ups in the game, I think the Nets would be able to take advantage of that.


Current Prediction Record: 1-2

With the Bobcats injury problems they aren’t very deep.  If the Nets can get this team into foul trouble, they will be able to pick up the win.  I think that will happen.