Game 38 Preview Vs. Boston Celtics

Before we get to the game preview, a quick little NetsAreScorching note.  We have been getting a lot more commenters (which is in fact awesome), and this is leading to a lot of different comments with a lot of different opinions and viewpoints.  There has been a little quipping back and forth between commenters.  We just wanted to remind you to check out the commenting constitution (link up top).  While we love having awesome Nets’ discussion, we don’t want to have petty arguments and such in our comments.  Thanks guys.

Onto the game, the Nets are coming off some good performances, and if you are going to beat the Boston Celtics, this is your best chance.  Both Kevin Garnett and Rasheed Wallace are out, and Marquis Daniels (averaging about 6 PPG) is also out.  Brian Scalabrine is starting for the Celtics, that is a bit of a downgrade from the Garnett/Wallace combo.  Onto the match-ups:

Devin Harris vs. Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo is an incredible player.  He is so fast and athletic that he can get into the lane and do whatever he wants when he gets there.  He is also a factor when it comes to getting offensive boards, so he will definitely be a pain in the ass.  One quick note on Devin, yesterday when he was asked why he is playing when he calls himself about 80% he said something along the lines of I owe it to the team to play.  Yes, he might not be a true point or a vocal leader, but this guy is definitely a guy that leads by example and every team needs that.

Advantage:  Rajon Rondo

Courtney Lee vs. Ray Allen

Here is a perfect example of why the Celtics are so dangerous.  Normally I could see Lee switching off to cover Rondo while Devin would go cover the 2-guard.  You can’t do that with the Celtics, because Ray Allen is just as dangerous as Rondo, so Lee needs to stick with him.

Advantage:  Ray Allen

Chris Douglas-Roberts vs. Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce has been hurting as of late, but he is still a great player, and when he gets the ball on the elbow, he is almost unstoppable.  CDR’s lack of size against guys like Pierce worries me, but it hasn’t really hurt him in the past.  I am hoping that can continue.

Advantage:  Paul Pierce

Yi vs. Brian Scalabrine

I would love to see “New Yi” go up against Garnett (it definitely would have lead to a fight), but Yi has a bit of an advantage against Scalabrine.  If Yi starts making his shots, Scalabrine is going to have to come out on him, and this is where new aggressive Yi will take over.

Advantage:  Yi

Brook Lopez vs. Kendrick Perkins

Brook is coming off of a big game, but I am worried he might be held in check tonight.  Kendrick Perkins is the exact guy who gives him trouble.  Perkins is a strong and tough player who is able to get Brook to catch the ball outside his comfort range.  I would actually like to see the handoff play the Nets run used a lot tonight, because that will force Perkins to concentrate on something else besides just pushing Brook out of the lane.

Advantage:  Push – Note:  I don’t think Perkins is as good as Brook, but Perkins can limit him to the same production that Perk will give the Celtics.  Does that make sense?