Game 35 Preview Vs. Atlanta Hawks

Last night was rough huh?  It is starting to become a pattern though, right when you think that the Nets are going to take the next step, they regress.  It’s like I said over at the Daily Dime this morning:

This has been a trend for the Nets all season. Whenever one of the top teams plays New Jersey, the Nets seem to hang for a half or longer, but when they play lesser teams, it usually ends in an embarrassing loss.

This is a young team, and they are going to have to realize that they will be getting everyone’s best effort from here on out.  Team’s don’t want to be the next team to lose to the “sorry ass Nets,” so they are going to come out and play their butts off.  The Nets aren’t going to be able to take nights off, and if they do, it will be a repeat of the Bucks game.  As for the lineups, here they are.  Oh and Chris Quinn is here!

Devin Harris vs. Mike Bibby

Devin Harris has been playing poorly, there is no question about it.  I just can’t not give him this match-up though.  This is a perfect chance for Harris to get himself out of this funk (he had 23 and 9 on 9-18 shooting last time they played).  Sure Bibby can knock down a three or 2, but he is slow defensively.  The only way Harris won’t get in the middle is if Harris starts settling for jumpers.  I don’t think that will happen though.

Advantage:  Devin Harris

Courtney Lee vs. Joe Johnson

Lee did an ok job on Joe Johnson last time out (yes holding Johnson to 21 one is an ok job.  He could drop 30 at any point).  Lee hit his first 3 shots last game, and they were open shots where he could step into the pass and take the shot.  The rest of them looked forced.  He needs to let the game just come to him, he can’t force shots.

Advantage:  Joe Johnson

Chris Douglas-Roberts vs. Marvin Williams

After Brook saw his touches in the second half diminish, it is now CDR’s turn.  He had a solid first half, but only got two shots in the second.  It was especially interesting to see it in last night’s game because nobody except Yi was even close to being effective, so why didn’t CDR get more shots.

Advantage:  CDR

Yi vs. Josh Smith

This is the first time since we have seen “new Yi” play against a PF like Josh Smith.  A smaller but athletic guy.  I don’t know how Yi is going to be able to defend him, but I can’t wait to see Yi take advantage of this mismatch in the post.

Advantage:  Josh Smith

Brook Lopez vs. Al Horford

Look at the post I did on the Nets’ offense today.  Notice how all of the successful plays the Nets run go through Brook Lopez.  None of that happened against the Bucks.  When the ball gets passed to Brook Lopez, it makes the entire defensive unit react.  You want a defense to react like that, the ball needs to go to Brook Lopez more.

Advantage:  Push