Game 34 Preview Vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Well then, today has been interesting hasn’t it?  Rafer Alston is out and Chris Quinn is in.  Quinn is a nice shooter, and has a phenomenal picture.  I think that this is a precursor to another move, so hang in there.

Also wanted to touch on Rafer Alston real quick.  I thought he was a good fit here, but obviously I was wrong.  He dribbled the ball too much and shot too much.  Plus I still have no idea what he was yelling at the bench that one game, but it does seem like he was trying to be a good teammate throughout, so I wish him the best.

As for tonight, I think that the Nets should be able to get a W if they can play the same way they have been playing for the past two games.  Oh and Jarvis Hayes is back, Boone and Najera are out, but day-to-day.

Devin Harris vs. Brandon Jennings

This is the match-up everybody wanted to see the first game these two teams matched up.  Both of these guys are the new breed of scoring PG, using their speed to get into the lane and cause a lot of problems for the opposition.  Maybe going up against Brandon Jennings will get Devin going.

Advantage:  Devin Harris

Courtney Lee vs. Michael Redd

Michael Redd is a terrific shooter and he has been playing well the last couple of games.  Courtney Lee has been the opposite of a terrific shooter this year, but Courtney has been doing everything else great.  If you want something to watch during this match-up, check out Lee defending Redd.  Lee is a great defender, so that should be fun to see.

Advantage:  Michael Redd

Chris Douglas-Roberts vs. Luc Richard Mbah a Moute

Luc was out the last time CDR played the Bucks, a game where CDR put up 31 points, so you might not want to expect a repeat performance.  Luc is a biggish 3 who can play strong defense and contribute when necessary on the offensive end.  I think CDR will have another 20+ game though.

Advantage:  CDR

Yi vs. Ersan Ilyasova

Jeremy from (Truehoop Network’s Bucks’ Blog) has a pretty interesting take on Yi:

One of the great fears many Bucks fans have is that Easy Yi will one day go on to live up to the vast potential he has, scarring us for life and making us forever rue the day he was given up for what practically amounted to one season of Richard Jefferson. In his last five games, Yi has averaged 20 points and seven rebounds while shooting just a shade under 50 percent.  When he was drafted it was expected those types of performances would be common place for Yi, but he did so little in his one year with Milwaukee that he hardly seemed a better prospect than Charlie Villanueva.  Regardless, he’s looked good lately and that has everyone on watch in Milwaukee, even if it probably wouldn’t have happened here.

Advantage:  Yi

Brook Lopez vs. Andrew Bogut

Bogut got the better of Brook the first match-up, but I think that was before the Nets decided to focus on getting him the ball.  The Nets now have a couple of quick hitting plays they can use to get Brook the ball with good position in the post.  Look for him to put up a 20 and 10.

Advantage:  Brook Lopez