Game 3 Scouting Report

Game 3 @ Washington (1-1)

Projected Starting Lineup

1.  Gilbert Arenas | 6’4″ | 215 lbs | 38.0 MPG | 26.0 PPG | 6.5 APG | 44.1% FG | 40% 3 | 76.9% FT

Had a great return from injury Wed. night, and was a little less successful last night.  He still shot the ball well and got his points, but he was very loose with the ball, resulting in 7 T/Os.  Plays the point, but has a score first mentality, and when Foye is the game, he slides to the 2.  He is showing no signs of knee surgery and has been slashing the lane at will.  The problem if you lay off of him though is that he can shoot the three, and shoot it well.

2.  Mike Miller | 6’8″ | 218 lbs. | 27.5 MPG | 6.5 PPG | 3.5 APG | 55.5% FG | 66.7% 3 | 50% FT

A terrific shooter and a terrific passer.  Knows Flip Saunders’ offense well.  Lacks athleticism, which means that he isn’t the best defender.  Must attack him with the dribble.

3.  Nick Young | 6’6″ | 200 lbs. | 13 MPG | 0 PPG | 1 RPG | 0% FG | 0% 3 | 0% FT

Just a guess here, Caron Butler hurt his knee at the end of the first half last night, and didn’t return.  Nick Young took his place, and he didn’t play well.  I think Flip Saunders will give him another shot.  He was forcing shots and has been playing out of control his whole career so far.  His brief look last night showed more of the same.

4.  Fabricio Oberto | 6’10” | 245 lbs. | 17.5 MPG | 4.5 PPG | 3 RPG | 100% FG | 0% 3 | 100% FT

Despite not blocking many shots, Oberto is a terrific defender in the post and he is willing to bang, and take the charge.  A smart player who doesn’t force himself into bad shots, this leads to a high FG percentage.

5.  Brendan Haywood | 7’0″ | 263 lbs. | 36 MPG | 13 PPG | 9.5 RPG | 45.4% FG | 0% 3 | 66.7% FT

A good defender who understands how to help and generally has a good knowledge of the game.  This knowledge allows him to be in the right spot, leading to numerous blocks.  Offensively, he plays within the team strategy, and this allows him to stay on the court and be productive.  A very good foul shooter.


F/C.  Andray Blatche | 6’11” | 248 lbs. | 34.5 MPG | 16.5 PPG | 6.5 RPG |61.9 FG | 0 3 | 77.7 FT

He’s phased the three out of his game and is not an effective midrange jump shooter, so now Blatche’s skill set is pretty typical of an athletic young big man with the exception of the fact that he is an excellent passer.  Defensively, his quickness helps him generate plenty of steals for a post player, and he’s also a capable shot-blocker. According to, the Wizards allowed 5.2 fewer points per 100 possessions with Blatche on the floor.  You attack him by posting him up, getting into his body and trying to score on him.  He can pick up a lot of fouls like that.

G.  Randy Foye | 6’4″ | 213 lbs. | 30 MPG | 14 PPG | 2.5 RPG | 42.3% FG | 33.3% 3 | 100% FT

A tough finisher at the rim who is basically stuck in between positions.  He isn’t quick enough to be a point, and he isn’t big enough to be a 2.  He wants to drive though, so you are better off letting him shoot the basketball.

G.  DeShawn Stevenson | 6’5″ | 218 lbs. | 14.5 MPG | 1 PPG | 1.5 APG | 33.3% FG | 0% 3 | 0% FT

Stevenson is a guy who likes to camp around the 3 point line and shoot when he is open.  I don’t know if he still waves his hand in front of his face when he makes threes.

C.  JaVale McGee | 7’0 | 237 lbs. |5.5 MPG | 3.5 PPG | 1 RPG | 75% FG | o% 3 | 50% FT

One of the most athletic big men I have ever seen.  Can jump through the roof, whether he can translate this ability to the basketball court is the question.  Think of him like Sean Williams without the temper and a little more basketball IQ.

F.  Caron Butler |

Probably Out

G.  Mike James | No Regular Season Stats

Picked up 2 DNPs

G.  Antawn Jamison. | No Regular Season Stats

Out.  Injured

F.  Javaris Crittenton | No Regular Season Stats

Out. Injured

C.  Paul Davis | No Regular Season Stats


Offensive Tendencies:

From time to time, this team kind of just likes to watch Gilbert Arenas work with the ball.  This team is full of young athletic talent, and sometimes they get into streaks where they just take bad shots.  With Caron Butler out, Nick Young is a big key for them.  If he is playing smart and attacking the basket, he makes this team hard to stop.  If he is forcing jumpers, there is nothing to worry about.

Defensive Tendencies:

Fabricio Oberto and Brendan Haywood are good defenders in the post, and the guards kind of lean on them as a crutch.  Gilbert is as good as he wants to be on defense, and Nick Young still needs some seasoning on the defensive end.  Mike Miller is slower than most SGs, so the best chance the Nets have is attacking him.

Keys To Victory:

Must not let Gilbert Arenas go off.  When he is on, it is a beautiful thing to watch, I don’t want to see it tomorrow.  Force them into tough shots, and attack the basket.  They like to get into the lane, so don’t close out too hard, because they will blow by you on defense.