Game 22 Preview Vs. Golden State Warriors

Well, that was a fun game last night huh?  The Nets were faced in a situation just like the Bobcats game, coming off of giving up two threes to tie the game.  Again, the Nets rebounded, and they pulled away for the win.  This time, instead of Courtney Lee, it was Devin Harris who took over.

I mentioned it last in the Daily Dime chat, but it hurt to have Devin out for many reasons, but one was, there was nobody who could get their own shot late.  CDR has been great, but you can’t really ISO him yet, and you need someone to pass it Brook.  Last night, down one, we gave the ball to Devin and watched as he attacked the basket.  A subtle thing that nobody really talked about is that Kiki (Del reall) went small for that play, making sure that the Bulls had to worry about shooters.  If he kept Boone (or Battie) out there, they would just leave him and double Harris.  Taking him out prevented that from happening.  Oh and for what it’s worth, that foul late up 3 was a great call.  I honestly don’t think Lawrence Frank does that.

One final thing about the Del/Kiki coaching situation.  YES went to the bench late in the game after the Bulls made a foul-shot.  There, you saw Kiki asking whether or not he should call a time out.  Del said push it, and then you see Kiki tell Devin to push it.  It is good to see that Kiki knows his limitations when it comes to coaching and he is willing to ask Del questions late.

As for tonight’s game, the Bulls defense was bad, but according to, the Warriors are worse.  They are second worse in the league when it comes to Defensive Efficiency, allowing 109.8 points per possession on the defensive end.  In fact, when Brandon Jennings put up 55 on the Warriors, they played awful on the ball defense.  This could be enough to get Devin going from the field.  The Warriors line-up also matches up nicely for the Nets since they run a three guard line-up out there as well.  CDR could have a big game too.  Match-up time:

Devin Harris vs. C.J. Watson

The Warriors line-up is kind of funky, and I haven’t seen enough of them to tell you who is bringing the ball up, but my guess is that it will be C.J. Watson.  Like I said earlier, the Warriors are weak defensively, especially when it comes to the pick and roll, so expect to see it a fair amount tonight.

Advantage: Devin Harris

Courtney Lee vs. Monta Ellis

This is the first time since Courtney Lee has been healthy that we get to see him trying to lock up a big time offensive talent.  Monta Ellis sure can score, but he tends to turn the ball over a bit.  We might be able to see Courtney Lee try to get some steals when he is defending him on the ball.

Advantage: Monta Ellis

CDR vs. Stephen Curry

If this is the correct starting lineup, I expect to see CDR covering Stephen to start.  CDR is turning into a solid player, but as you saw last night, when he is matched-up against true 3s, they like to take him to the post.  Luol Deng (I have no idea if he is a solid post player or not) took advantage of him on the post a few times.  It is going to be nice to see CDR defending a guy who doesn’t weigh more than him.

Advantage: CDR

Vladimir Radmanovic vs. Josh Boone

Tough match-up for either Boone or Battie here.  Radmanovic is a shooter, and his best position is probably the 3, but for the Warriors he is playing the 4.  This could actually be a game where we see Sean Williams.

Advantage:  Vlad Rad

Brook Lopez vs. Mikki Moore

Mikki Moore probably had his best years on the Nets, and it is good to see that he is still starting somewhere (especially not the Nets).  Age seems to be catching up with Moore, and his activity and hustle (what made him so popular here) is starting to decline.  If the game slows down enough, Brook Lopez could have a big game.

Advantage:  Brook Lopez