Game 21 Preview Vs. Chicago Bulls

The Bulls have been pretty bad as of late.  Real bad, not only are they 7-11, but they have lost 7 of their last 8.  Besides their win, they have had only two games end in single digits.  Their man problem, their defense.  They can’t seem to stop anyone, allowing over 100 points in 6 of their last 8.

This could be the cure that the Nets need offensively, but if they start playing well against Chicago’s man-to-man defense, expect to see some zone.  Match-up time!

Devin Harris vs. Derrick Rose:

I am calling this one a push.  If Devin was clicking on all cylinders, he’d be getting the slight edge here.  Still this is going to be a real fun one to watch.  Harris is in the top 30 of Free-Throw Rate, and that is the only reason fans aren’t calling for his head.  Harris has had some poor shooting games, but in those games, he gets to the line a ton and still gets his points.

Advantage: Push

Courtney Lee vs. John Salmons

John Salmons is a tough guy to stop offensively when he gets it going.  He can hit the deep shot, and he can get into the lane.  As for Courtney Lee, he needs to be much more aggressive.  After his career high night, he only took 5 shots, that can’t happen.

Advantage: John Salmons

Chris Douglas-Roberts vs. Luol Deng

Like CDR, Luol Deng is a long player.  He doesn’t shoot the three-ball well, but when he is right, he can knock down almost anything a step in from the foul line.  CDR seemed to get it going again against the Knicks, but he is going to have to recognize the zone better.  As I pointed out earlier, he thought they were still in man that first time out.  Other than that little point, he has been great.

Advantage:  Chris Douglas-Roberts

Josh Boone vs. Taj Gibson

Remember when James Johnson was high on the Nets’ list?  Well, we can be glad that the Nets didn’t take him.  With Tyrus Thomas out, Taj Gibson is the rookie replacing him, not James Johnson, that tells you something about him.

Advantage: Taj Gibson

Brook Lopez vs. Joakim Noah

Brook didn’t get a ton of touches inside last game, and that was depressing.  You know that Kiki and Del are going to try to get him going early tonight.  Noah is a great player having a great season, I just think that Lopez’s size will give Noah problems.

Advantage: Brook Lopez