Game 19 Preview vs. Charlotte Bobcats

So here we go, the Nets are going into their easiest stretch yet, starting with Charlotte tonight.  As Mark noted yesterday, Keyon Dooling is going to be back today.  The official Nets twitter confirmed this:

For tonight: Keyon’s in, Battie’s in, Yi’s close, Jarvis is up after that. Also, Kiki did not offer up the starters. Bet on Lee, though.

So not only Dooling, but Battie too.  That’s another big key, since Battie can play both the center and the power forward spot.  Which means less Josh Boone.  Less Josh Boone is always a good thing.  On to the match-ups:

Devin Harris vs. Raymond Felton

Raymond Felton is a very serviceable point guard who can score when needed, but can distribute the ball and get his guys in position to score.  I think it is safe to say that Devin is 100% right now, and his production is showing that.  He has been getting to the foul line a ton, and his shots are starting to fall.  He didn’t get many assists last game, but as I pointed out earlier, just his presence on the court gives his teammates a better look.  This could be key with Dooling back.

Advantage: Devin Harris

Courtney Lee vs. Stephen Jackson

Also from the Nets twitter, there is no hints from Kiki’s first lineup besides Courtney Lee is probably a bet to start.  This is good, because it means Lee is 100%.  He has looked much better the last two games, and I really think that it will continue.  Plus he brings a defensive presence to the court, and it also means that Trenton Hassell is now removed from the starting line-up.  He has been a serviceable guy, but he has struggled the last couple, and that was probably his age catching up with him.

Advantage:  Stephen Jackson

Chris Douglas-Roberts vs. Gerald Wallace

Wallace killed the Nets last game, putting up a 20-point/20-rebound performance.  He could have another big night because he is so much bigger than CDR, but you know what?  I don’t want anyone else but CDR on him.  With all the talking about lack of effort and giving up, you know that CDR will go hard the whole game.  You need someone going 100% the whole game on Wallace, or else he will kill you.

Advantage:  Gerald Wallace

Josh Boone vs. Boris Diaw

I wouldn’t be surprise to see Tony Battie starting at the 4 a few games down the line.  Josh Boone is just not getting it done, and if Tony Battie is back playing at the same level he was last year for Orlando, that is better than Boone.  Or Sean Williams for that matter.

Advantage:  Boris Diaw

Brook Lopez vs. Tyson Chandler

When these two met last game it was weird neither of them had a good game.  Yeah Lopez had 18 points, but he only had 5 rebounds, and Tyson Chandler only had 8 points and 8 rebounds.  As I pointed out yesterday, Brook should get a ton of touches, so expect for him to play better tonight

Advantage:  Brook Lopez

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