Game 12 Preview vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Alright, we are going to try something new today, no more scouting reports, they are done for the time being, let us know what you think in the comments during the live chat.

As I went over already, the Bucks like to use the pick and roll a ton.  They have someone who can attack the basket, shoot, and pass coming off the screen set by a very good big man.  It is a real dangerous play and it needs to be defended well.  Other than that, I think the Nets have a chance tonight.  Besides Jennings and Bogut, they don’t really have much in terms of scoring power, and that is kind of similar to what the Nets have going on (Lopez and CDR).  I say similar because though Milwaukee is in the bottom half of Offensive Efficiency (Points per 100 possession) with a 101.3 rating, they aren’t as bad as the Nets, who currently sit with the worst offensive efficiency in the NBA (89.3).  Now that I have depressed you guys, lets look at the matchups:

Brandon Jennings vs. Rafer Alston:

Brandon Jennings is a pterodactyl with wings of fire.  What?  You don’t believe me?  Well, it’s true.  He is a speedy guard with great handle, a shot that if he starts making it look out, and he can attack the basket and get to the line.  Rafer Alston is old.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing, he does have that wily veteran-neess about himself, but he is playing in the second night of a back-to-back after logging 40+ minutes the night before.  Don’t you wish Devin was going to be in there tonight?  I mean, I don’t think Devin would shut him down, I just think it would be really fun to watch.  Like watching a blur vs. something that also runs fast enough to cause a blurring effect.

Advantage:  Brandon Jennings

Charlie Bell vs. Chris Douglas-Roberts

CDR is doing everything in his powers to make you forget that he was the first player in the NBA with swine flu, and he is doing a pretty damn good job.  Remember when I thought CDR should come off the bench, yeah, I think I was wrong.  He is starting to prove himself as a real good player, a guy who can shoot, get to the rim, and get fouled.  I mean I knew he was good, but I just thought his game was better suited off the bench.  Again, I was wrong.  He also hasn’t been a liability offensively.  Charlie Bell is a pretty solid player as well, but I think CDR takes this one.

Advantage:  Chris Douglas-Roberts

Carlos Delfino vs. Trenton Hassell

Is there anyone who benefited more from the Nets’ injuries than Trenton Hassell?  He is showing that he can still play, and that he has some offensive skills in him down low.  With his expiring contract, he might even have played his way onto a contender.  Trenton has the size advantage on Delfino, so expect some more post ups for Hassell.

Advantage:  Trenton Hassell

Ersan Ilyasova vs. Josh Boone

I watch a lot of basketball, and I feel like I have a good grasp of the game and know a lot about the different players, but I have no clue who this Ersan fella is.  I am going to let the much more qualified Bucksketball blog tell you about him:

Ersan’s style can fit with anyone. He waits for open looks, he crashes the boards and he plays pesky defense. Perfect for the starting lineup or the bench. He’ll have a favorable match-up in this one regardless of who covers him.

There you go.  Ersan Ilyasova, most likely better than Josh Boone

Advantage:  Ersan Ilyasova

Andrew Bogut vs. Brook Lopez

This right here is your match-up the night.  Before Bogut got hurt least year, he was on his way to a very good season.  Brook has been playing like a man as well, but it took him 27 shots to score 26 points last night.  Why?  Because he is still taking way too many jumpers on the outside.  We need to get Brook back on  the post.

Advantage:  Brook Lopez

Keys To The Game

Defend Brandon Jennings/Pick And Roll:

Not Warriors-style defense either.  Real defense.  The Nets need to rotate on the pick and rolls correctly, and make sure  they keep Bogut from getting wide open rolls too.

Keep Using CDR and Brook in the pick and roll:

The one (and maybe only) good thing I took away from the game last night was how successful the pick and roll was with CDR running it.  They would give it to him on the wing, and then they had Brook set the screen for him.  It makes sense, CDR is a much more comfortable shooter off the dribble (rather than catching and shooting), plus he is a good enough passer to hit Brook on the roll if he is open.  It worked well, and lets hope that continues.

Play Sean Williams:

Remember when coach Frank told me Sean had earned more minutes?  Well, he only played 13 last night.  I feel so lied to, and to think, I thought we were bros.


So I didn’t actually make a prediction last night, slipped my mind, but I was going to say the Pacers so I am counting that.  That means I am 7-4.   As for this game, my gut is begging me to pick NJ, and I am going to.  My gut was only off by 3 points last game, remember that.

This is still your open thread, so use it.  Plus, go visit Daily Dime tonight, I will be there for at least the early part.