FUNNY: Lance Stephenson dunks on a referee!

FUNNY: Lance Stephenson dunks on a referee!

Indiana Pacers guard and Brooklyn native Lance Stephenson’s on the warpath after losing out on an All-Star bid this year, telling the Indianapolis Star that he was “mad”:

“I’m mad,” Stephenson said. “I feel like I had my breakout year last year. I showed I can play with anyone on the floor and I felt like this year, I brought a little bit more to my game.

“But other people saw it differently. I’m just going to keep working hard and prove everyone wrong.”

Apparently, that includes the referees. After an offensive foul call on Roy Hibbert, Stephenson decided that a stoppage in play wouldn’t derail his dunk train, posterizing the offending referee with a tomahawk slam.

Stephenson is still not an All-Star.