Fun With Charts: Nets Under Contract 2010-2011

During my daily Internet browsing session, I came across the awesome website FlipFlopFlyBall.  It is a site that takes random and some not so random baseball tidbits and displays that information visually through charts and graphs.  Seeing that site inspired me to try and make some Nets related charts.  So in this one, we are taking a look at a big talking point here in NJ, cap space in 2010:


If the chart is too small for you, you can click it for the full size image. By looking at the pie-chart you notice that the Nets only have a little more than half of the projected salary cap committed to players already.  That is a whole lot of space to sign a couple big-time free agents.  Or as Rod Thorn puts it (more on this later), “Two maxed out contracts.”

You brake it down even more and you see out of the all of the money that is already committed to players in 2010-2011, only about a quarter of it is guaranteed.  A little under half of it is team options so it is a realistic possibility that the Nets could have even more than the “27-30 million” under the cap that Rod Thorn projects us having (lets say that Yi and Sean Williams – both players have team options for 2010 – don’t come around, we can cut ties with them and add another $6.5 million to our cap space).

Stay tuned for more of these, I really had fun making it, and I think by seeing data in charts rather than just looking at the numbers helps emphasize certain points.