Following The Mocks

Every Wednesday I will go through some of the Mock Drafts that can be found on the web and tell you who they say the Nets will be picking.  Here are what the mocks say this week (If there is a mock draft I am missing, or one that you think should be taken off the list, let me know via e-mail or in the comments):

So that is 9 mock drafts, here are the totals:

  • Ty Lawson – 3
  • Earl Clark – 2
  • DeMar DeRozen – 1
  • DeJuan Blair – 1
  • James Johnson – 1
  • Chase Budinger (REALLY?) – 1

I guess I am not really surprised with the wide range of players the experts say we are taking, mainly because there have been no work-outs and teams haven’t really began to show their hands in terms of who they are interested in.  The thing that does surpise me is that there are only two true PFs listed.  This surprises me because Rod Thorn has been on the record as saying he wants a “moose”.  Maybe the guys in the media haven’t seen that interview yet.

Equally surprising is seeing James Johnson’s name listed only once.  Especially since the awesome blogger Tommy Dee at is reporting that the Nets are VERY interested in Johnson.  I know it’s a Knicks (blah!) blog, but this is the man who first reported that the Nets were keeping Lawrence Frank, so he has to know his stuff.  Oh and he must be on to something, especially if the New York Post is following up his report with a report of their own, saying basically the same thing.