Following The Mocks #3

Every Wednesday I will go through some of the Mock Drafts that can be found on the web and tell you who they say the Nets will be picking. Here are what the mocks say this week (If there is a mock draft I am missing, or one that you think should be taken off the list, let me know via e-mail or in the comments):

*These have not been updated since the last Following The Mock.

Thanks to the help of the commenters, we now have 12 mock drafts we are following.  You can see a big shift in the direction many people got us going:

  • DeJuan Blair – 5
  • Earl Clark – 3
  • James Johnson – 2
  • Ty Lawson – 1
  • Gerald Henderson (REALLY?) – 1

All of the mocks except two have been updated since the last following the mock, so there is some stuff we can look at.  The first thing one notices is that the PF of preference for the Nets have shifted from James Johnson to DeJuan Blair (You will notice a change in my big board too when I post the new one tomorrow).  The reason?  His measurements.  Sure he was only 6’6″ with sneaks on, but his wingspan is that of a 7’2″ person.  That is just insane, plus he lost a ton of weight and looks more in shape with his body looking more chiseled.  This is a testament to his work ethic, something that GMs are sure to like.

Now I am still a little surprised that Earl Clark didn’t get a ton of votes with the Carlos Boozer rumors spinning around
(I still don’t think it will happen).  It could be that some of these were updated after the combine, but before the Boozer rumor.