Following The Mocks #2

Every Wednesday I will go through some of the Mock Drafts that can be found on the web and tell you who they say the Nets will be picking.  Here are what the mocks say this week (If there is a mock draft I am missing, or one that you think should be taken off the list, let me know via e-mail or in the comments):

*These have not been updated since the last Following The Mock.  

So that is 9 mock drafts, here are the totals:

  • Earl Clark – 3
  • Ty Lawson – 2
  • DeJuan Blair – 2
  • DeMar DeRozen – 1
  • James Johnson – 1
  • Chase Budinger (REALLY?) – 1
  • James Harden – 1

OK, so the lack of updates have really messed up my Following The Mocks.  I will update this from now on as the the mocks update.  We will see what kind of schedule they go by.